XREAL/Nreal Beam

XREAL/Nreal Beam

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£148,58 Net price: £120,80

XREAL Beam opens up a wireless and wired world of entertainment, in partnership with XREAL Air AR glasses. With it, you will connect virtually any device to your glasses, enjoying a wide range of other possibilities as well.

  • Compatible with almost any cell phone, PC and game consoles
  • Additional and portable TV
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XREAL Beam is a versatile adapter for XREAL/Nreal Air glasses compatible with virtually any smartphone, PC and console. It produces a virtual image the size of 330 inches, which you can adjust the size according to your needs in three different spatial display modes. The depth control function adjusts the screen distance and turning it off improves image quality and extends battery life. The battery lasts for up to 3.5 hours of operation, providing a continuous Augmented Reality experience.

With two USB-C ports, you can charge the XREAL Beam and continue operating on your glasses at the same time. It allows you to make the most of your AR glasses, guaranteeing the ideal solution for gaming enthusiasts, film lovers and business travellers, offering full comfort and flexibility.

Connect XREAL Beam to almost any smartphone, games console and PC. Use XREAL C-C or HDMI-C cables to connect to Switch, Steam Deck, PC, PS5, Xbox and iPhone. Enjoy wireless streaming on devices that support AirPlay, Miracast or DLNA. Discover a new dimension of entertainment and enjoy the amazing capabilities of XREAL Beam.


Kit includes:

1 x XREAL/Nreal Beam

1 x Cable designed for Beam

1 x Manual

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