Valve Index VR Kit

Valve Index VR Kit

£1.218,89 Net price: £990,97

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£1.218,89 Net price: £990,97

Experience the full possibilities of the VR world with the Valve Index VR Kit. A revolutionary PC kit, ideal for thrilling sessions with games from the Steam library. This kit contains everything you need to enjoy them.

  • Wide field of view
  • Steam VR compatibility
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The Valve Index VR Kit is a unique kit that will give you the ultimate Virtual Reality experience. The VR goggles, developed by Valve, are equipped with two excellent LCD displays with an impressive resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels each, guaranteeing incredible image sharpness. Thanks to the full RGB colour space, you will experience the Virtual World in full colour. The displays used produce 50% more sub-pixels than traditional OLED screens, resulting in razor-sharp images.

The Valve Index is distinguished by its integrated parotid speakers, delivering sound of natural quality. The goggles have been designed for maximum user comfort, made from antibacterial, soft material. This device is not only a marker of quality, but also takes care of your comfort during long gaming sessions.

Adjust the goggles for your comfort. With customisable size, face angle, eye position, pupil distance and lens distance, you are sure to find the most comfortable setting for you. The kit’s soft, antibacterial pads are designed for even pressure distribution and ease of cleaning.

The Knuckles controllers definitely stand out from the crowd with their design. From spectacular design to application, they can sense the positioning of your fingers, enabling you to grasp objects or gesture, among other things.

Once the Valve Index is connected to your PC, you can enjoy a whole library of VR games. Get caught up in the wonderful Half Life Alyx, feel the excitement in Phasmophobia. Included are Goggles, Controllers, and beacons – everything to enjoy full Virtual Reality.


Kit includes:

  • goggles,
  • integrated headphones,
  • cable for goggles,
  • Goggle cable with DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 connectors,
  • power supply for goggles,
  • socket adapter for goggles,
  • rear adapter for goggles (for smaller heads),
  • interface pad for goggles,
  • 2 controllers – left and right,
  • 2 lanyards,
  • 2 USB cables for charging controllers,
  • 2 SteamVR 2.0 base stations,
  • 2 base station power cables, 4.5 metres long,
  • 2 mountable base station stands,
  • a socket adapter for the base station,
  • cleaning cloth.

Additional information



sensor reading field

160º x 115º


Up to four base stations, up to 10 m x 10 m

power supply

12V, compatible with HTC Vive power supply



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