HTC facial expression tracker

HTC facial expression tracker

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£115.93 Net price: £94.25

A market-leading device from HTC for facial expression tracking.

  • Tracking 38 facial points: the Vive Facial Tracker accurately records facial expressions and gestures through 38 connections on the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks and chin. Pair with the Vive Pro Eye for full face tracking.
  • Very low latency of less than 10 milliseconds virtually imperceptible to humans.
  • Support for Unity and Unreal Engine
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The device allows for precise and realistic facial and lip tracking. Through the precise representation of a face, we can read someone’s intentions or emotions. Thanks to the very low latency, every movement of the mouth coincides with the sound we hear. Bring a new dimension to human interaction in educational, medical and creative applications. Discover the potential of this revolutionary VR solution.


Kit includes:

1x HTC facial expression tracker

1x Charging cable

1x Manual

Additional information




HTC Face Tracker 99HARE003-00



Required operating system

Windows 10/11


HTC Vive Pro/Pro 2


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