Tundra tracker set of 3 pieces

Tundra tracker set of 3 pieces

£538,63 Net price: £437,91

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£538,63 Net price: £437,91

The Tundra tracker is a smaller and lighter alternative to other VR trackers, such as the HTC VIVE tracker.

  • Compatible with EOZ Premium Straps or Rebuff TrackStrap
  • SteamVR compatible
  • Ability to connect to Quest 2 using OpenVR Space Calibrato
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Weighing just 50 grams, the tracker is the smallest VR tracker on the market and has been designed to have its centre of gravity at the bottom, so that it does not move when worn on a belt. The Tundra Tracker contains an 850 mAh battery that provides (on average) 7 hours of continuous use.


Kit includes:

3 x Tundra tracker

1 x transport bag with zip

1 x Wrench SW3

3 x USB-C cables

1 x USB-A extension cable

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Tundra Labs


Tundra tracker set of 3 pieces

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HTC VIVE Cosmos, HTC VIVE Pro (Eye), HTC VIVE Pro 2, Pimax, Valve Index, Varjo



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