Ray-ban Meta Headliner

Ray-ban Meta Headliner

£410.92£559.12Gross price: £410.92 - £559.12

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£410.92£559.12Gross price: £410.92 - £559.12

Ray-Ban Meta Headliner is the new era of smart glasses – With intuitive voice control, you gain full control without the need for hands. Make calls, send messages and record content, focusing on the moments that really matter.

  • Listen to your favourite podcast
  • Call your best friend
  • Record videos while hiking
  • Take photos of your food
  • Broadcast live from your studio
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The Ray-Ban Meta Headliner is a combination of elegance and functionality. The lightweight frames, integrated with an advanced operating system equipped with artificial intelligence, allow you to listen to music, make calls, take photos and videos, and live-stream. The glasses give you the chance to share your experiences whatever the circumstances – they are ready to go in any conditions, without having to pull out your phone to capture a unique moment.

The Ray-Ban Meta Headliner glasses perfectly combine class with innovation thanks to their Transitions effect lenses. They are the only optical lenses that intelligently regulate light transmission, ensuring comfortable vision in all circumstances. By reacting to light, the glasses seamlessly change from completely transparent in bright interiors to completely dark in sunlight – becoming sunglasses at the same time.

Dedicated high-quality speakers provide an exceptional sound experience, offering extended bass and high maximum volume levels. This is ideal even in noisy environments, allowing you to hear loved ones or music freely. The glasses’ internal rechargeable battery allows free use for up to four hours, while the portable charging case extends this time to up to 36 hours. It is ideal for those who want complete mobility and comfort throughout the day.

The Ray-Ban Meta Headliner is not just stylish eyewear, it’s a modern experience that combines design, innovation and functionality, allowing you to seize every great moment.


The kit includes

1 x Ray-ban Meta Headliner glasses

1 x Charging case

Additional information


12 MP ultra-wide angle


3024 × 4032 pixels


2 customised speakers (open ear type)


32 GB




with a charging function for 8 full cycles




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