Meta Quest 3 original Elite Strap with Battery

Meta Quest 3 original Elite Strap with Battery

£174,50 Net price: £141,87

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£174,50 Net price: £141,87

Ensure convenience and get up to 2 hours of extra gaming time in VR! The original Elite Strap with Battery for Meta Quest 3 provides ergonomics with an adjustable head strap, extending gameplay with the help of a hidden battery.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Elite Strap’s high-quality materials ensure comfort even during long VR sessions
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The new and improved version of the Elite Strap with Battery, dedicated to the latest Meta Quest 3 VR goggles, brings exceptional comfort during long sessions of Virtual Reality gameplay. Comfort is guaranteed with minimal pressure on your head and an even weight distribution, resulting in a perfect fit and incredible freedom of play.

Adjustment of the precise fit to the head is possible via an adjustment knob. It allows you to easily adjust the length of the Elite Strap, combining practicality, speed and comfort.

The silicone pad at the back of the head, soft and flexible, ensures a perfect fit and even balance. The top of the Elite Strap with Battery is an adjustable strap that you can adjust to the most comfortable position relative to your eyes, effectively distributing the weight of the goggles.

Invisible at first glance but crucial to performance, the battery hidden at the back of the Elite Strap definitely extends gameplay. Once you’ve fabulously simply connected the Strap to your device using the USB C cable, you’ll be extending your thrilling gameplay time by up to two hours. Charging is also incredibly easy – simply plug the cable into the USB C input on the back of the Elite Strap or place the goggles in the dedicated Docking Station. It’s perfect for when you want to decide when to end your adventure in the VR world.


Kit includes:

1 x Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3 from Meta
1 x Manual

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