FLIR Thermal imaging camera

FLIR Thermal imaging camera

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£604.62 Net price: £491.56

The RealWear FLIR thermal imaging camera is an advanced module developed in collaboration with renowned manufacturer Teledyne FLIR. Specifically designed for RealWear Navigator 500 users, it replaces the standard camera module, offering new capabilities with two cameras – 48 MP and a thermal sensor at the same time.

  • Thermal imaging
  • Voice control
  • Protection class IP 66
  • Works with RealWear Navigator 500
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With voice command support, FLIR’s RealWear provides access to advanced thermal imaging, ideal for electrical inspections, motor checks, building diagnostics and many other applications. It is a purpose-built solution for the RealWear Navigator 500, designed for outdoor use even in harsh weather conditions and resistant to drops from up to 2 metres. The camera module is resistant to intensive contact with dust and water (IP66 rating) and is robust, which is crucial in field conditions.

The primary function of the RealWear FLIR thermal imaging camera is to enable RealWear Navigator 500 users to benefit from real-time thermal imaging. Thanks to the voice-activated technology, frontline workers have both hands free, increasing work efficiency. The camera module offers flexible camera modes, including thermal imaging, mixed modes and the patented MSX mode – which adds visible light detail to the thermal image.

Importantly, RealWear FLIR is compatible with FLIR Thermal Studio Suite software, allowing for professional management of thermal images and recorded videos. Thanks to this compatibility, you will complete the inspection report without any problems.

RealWear FLIR is not only a working tool, but also an innovative solution that assists frontline workers, enabling them to detect problems previously unseen, while accelerating productivity without the cost in safety. This is a new quality of building diagnostics, electrical and machine inspections.


The kit includes

1 x FLIR thermal imaging camera

Additional information

Temperature range

-20 to 400°C

Resolution of the thermal image

160×120 px

Camera sensor

48 MP sensor

Refresh rate

8,7 Hz

Camera resolution

12 MP, 1080p video 60 fps.


Diagonal 71°

IP degree of protection



1 year


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