Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

£4.355,24£4.789,69Gross price: £4.355,24 - £4.789,69

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£4.355,24£4.789,69Gross price: £4.355,24 - £4.789,69

With Apple Vision Pro, the boundary between reality and the digital world becomes almost invisible. This device not only opens up new possibilities for entertainment and work, but also represents a step forward in the evolution of human interaction with technology. Apple Vision Pro isn’t just a product, it’s the future of entertainment and productivity, packaged in a sleek and modern form, tailored for the modern user.

  • Advanced display technology
  • Intuitive gesture and eye movement control
  • Comfort and Design
  • Immersive surround sound
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Apple Vision Pro is an advanced goggle developed by Apple, designed for artificial intelligence, image processing and augmented reality applications. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Vision Pro offers unparalleled image quality and performance, enabling developers and engineers to use it for a variety of projects.

With advanced machine learning algorithms and deep learning, Apple Vision Pro can recognise objects, faces and text with extreme accuracy and speed. The goggles are not only able to analyse images, but also implement interactive functions on them, such as gesture recognition and motion tracking.

In addition to their imaging capabilities, Apple Vision Pro has been optimised for performance, allowing for smooth operation in even the most demanding environments. Additionally, the goggle system integrates with existing Apple products and technologies, making it easy to implement into existing ecosystems.

Apple Vision Pro is an indispensable goggle for developers, researchers and content creators looking for advanced imaging and artificial intelligence solutions. Thanks to their versatile capabilities and reliable performance, they open up new perspectives in the fields of application development, games, augmented reality and many other areas.


Kit includes:

– Apple Vision Pro

– Case

– Dual Loop headband

– External battery

– Cushion for the gasket

– Polishing cloth

– 30W USB-C charger

– USB-C charging cable (1.5m)

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1 TB, 512 GB, 256 GB


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